With our present experience and technical knowledge, together with the latest and up-to-date production machineries, we are able to ensure our customers the highest quality products. Our comprehensive quality control testing laboratory carries out stringent tests on all aspects of the production process. Our Process Control Treatment is adhered to stringently for metal to rubber bond products such as engine mounting, bushes, industrial rubber components etc.

Engine Mountings
We are able to produce Engine Mountings to meet customers' specifications, be it high bond strength or good anti-vibration properties.

We manufacture and supply all types of Bushes to the leading OE leaf spring manufacturers in Malaysia.

Driveshaft Boots
All Driveshaft Boots manufactured by us are capable of withstanding brake fluid, grease and road grit, thus providing extra protection to the driveshaft.

Research & Development
KMK Rubber is firmly committed to Research & Development. Our personnel and processes undergo continuous training and research. The company is constantly in contact and co-operating with the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, where we learn to apply the latest in technological and development advances, the benefits of which are evident as expressed by all KMK product users.